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STH2 - Chemical Plant (Techno) STH2 - Chemical Plant (Techno)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome XD

I really enjoyed this song, and it also brought back memories. Ahhh Sonic 2, the good ol' times.

By the way keep up the good work

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KennyChu responds:


Still Blastin' Still Blastin'

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I cannot stop listening to this epic song. I love the Megaman series, especially for their music. This song is so incredible, and I too wish that this was in a new megaman game. Actually I think that you should help create music with Capcom on the next Megaman installment. Your sound is so original and inspiring, even as it touches the brim of Megaman's helmet; closely resembling their genre of awsomeness. I feel like this has a little more of something that the originals do not have. I'm in no way dissin' Capcom or Megaman, but I would love to hear many other variations of this style from you many more times in the future. Please, continue being epicly awesome.

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NemesisTheory responds:

That's really awesome to hear! I think maybe a quarter if not more is what makes Mega Man, any game in the franchise for that matter, is the music!

And I like the sound of that, but sadly this is impossible XD and to be honest.. the people they have working for them are much more talented than I am or ever will be, so there's really no need for that. <3 although i have to say I am truly flattered you'd think I was capable of that. :)

and dont worry... i've got something coming up real soon... <3
(that is megaman related!)